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por GoWare Timing Systems

Katya for Android, the best TSD (time-speed-distance) rally software

 Download Katya here


 ¿ What's Katya for Android ?

It's a specialized software for regularity rallyes. It allows to see automatically virtual distance according to impossed average speeds.

 ¿ Why is better than any other device like ATB, Blizz, Zonda, etc.?

Those devices are limited to a very simple software, however Katya makes the average speed changes automatically, you can save all the stages of the rally, starts at the indicated hour, etc.

There are continuous updates that you can receive in your Android device just going to "My applications" in the Market. Furthermore, you can install it in various device without extra cost.

You can see more details about the features in the instructions.

Look for KATYA at the Android Market or clic here




Some features: 

  • Automatic average speed changes 
  • Autorun
  • Route card: starting time calculation
  • Crossing warning
  • Beep every 100 or 50 mt.
  • Sound warning at average speed changes


where can I install it ?

You can install it in any Android device like phones or tablets.

Katya does not uses any phone function, internet or GPS.